The challenge is to find someone who can think. And be nimble in a very different, saturated and competitive marketplace. Inexperienced or careless marketers can look like good, sensitive and helpful to your business. But when they come under fire, then what? No one can be truthful and say they can do their job until they have done it under combat conditions.

By that I mean you need someone that has excelled when problems come up. Oh, and problems will happen. As sure as you hear the uninitiated say “I’ve got this under control.”

The only way you can survive your customers is by using a great marketing person.

Even good intentions won't protect you from inexperienced employees and bad choices.

Even good intentions won’t protect you from inexperienced employees and bad choices.


It is scary that bad social interactions on the internet is disturbing the fundamentals of communication. Customers have always appreciated receiving relevant information, but often today they are not interested in listening, even when you have something helpful to say.

I am worried that the art of good marketing and sales, which has always been rewarded by customers, might vanish due to bad marketing. Marketing is becoming a commodity, and the art of promoting and selling one-to-one is becoming almost impossible.

Many customers may not give companies a chance to sell to them.

We might be heading towards a time when you can only upload content and wait to be searched by customers.

The Consequences