the man with the plan

Andrew Phipps is A Thousand Ideas. He is all about marketing, photography, and social media. He works as a consultant to companies worldwide.

Through A Thousand Ideas, Phipps works with agencies, design firms and businesses of all sizes to help them transform from a high cost, business development strategy to one where the company commands the high ground in the relationship and shapes how its services are bought and sold.

As a speaker and author, Phipps tries to be the sand in the profession-wide sand box, questioning firms and clients alike on the sanity of the price-based approach. Beyond questioning, however, Phipps offers an alternative way forward, delivering a new set of rules on how to gain customers without first parting with ideas or sacrificing respect.

Phipps has spent over 17 years working in many roles, including social, creative and marketing for some of the world’s largest retail, casino, and automotive aftermarket companies.

Phipps operates from the remote outskirts of Los Angeles, but calls the United States, Mexico, and Canada his playground.

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